Welcome To 23 Enigma

23 Enigma opened on the 1st of February, the Celtic Sabbat of Imbolc, 1995. Our shop has been described as a pagan museum, stocked with items from many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions.

I was invited to attend the 2006 Royal opening of Kelvingrove Museum after collaborating with Pat Allan of Glasgow Museums on a permanent exhibition called ‘Charms and Healing’. The display covers all sorts of talismans and charms from a beautiful ancient Egyptian necklace composed of a string of the Utchat or Eye of Horus amulets, to old Scottish charms like the witch’s claw and a Luckenbooth.

I also worked with Simon Eccles, Senior Curator (The Burrell Collection) of Ancient Civilisations at Glasgow Museums. I put together a consecrated, working altar dedicated to Isis, to be housed in a special display of it’s own. Simon, an expert on Egyptology, wanted to show the modern face of paganism; that today, magic is still practised in the Old Ways of our ancestors. Sadly, the altar is resting in storage at Kelvingrove Museum, but the photo underneath a display in Kelvingrove’s Egyptian Gallery, shows the altar with the working tools and statue of Ast, Isis.

It was a proud day for me as I felt it was a small step in the recognition of paganism in Glasgow as many people would see treasured items their ancestors used and feel a close lineage to them through their own spiritual practices today. The altar shows a continuity of spiritual practice from our ancestors.

Kelvingrove Museum also houses a breathtaking collection of Neolithic archaeology from Glasgow’s pre-history. A ceremonial jet necklace identical to the one in the Kilmartin Museum is among the ancient finds alongside the large collection of artifacts bequeathed to the museum by Ludovic McLellan Mann: ‘the eminent archaeologist’.